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Welcome to Karelia


Aanisjarvi cottage is good choice for friends and family!

If you want to escape from daily routine and enjoy by the peaceful nature and unique culture of Karelia, then our cottage is a perfect option for you. Entertain yourself with fishing, swimming in cool waters of Onega Lake, warming up in Finnish sauna and cultural program on Kizhi island, which is in 20 minutes away by boat from accomodational place.


The Kizhi Museum is one of the largest museums in Russia. This unique historical, cultural and natural complex is a particularly valuable object of cultural heritage of the people of Russia. The basis of the museum collection – the Kizhi Ensemble – is the UNESCO World cultural and natural heritage site. Restoration of the Kizhi monuments is being carried out “in front of the world”.

We offer you boat trips on the yacht and speedboat.

We will offer you a high level of service and will be happy to help you plan one of the most exciting tips in your life!

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Our cottage is located in Russian Karelia, in the heart of Onega Lake, on the island of Bolshoy Klimenetsky, in the Kizhi archipelago.

 Äänisjärvi - finnish name of Onega Lake. 

Since ancient times these places are valued - there is a lot of fish and forest mushrooms, Kizhi Island is the habitat of rare and unique animals, birds. You eill love this place, if you are into fishing!

The special climate of this area is formed by the mix of the continental and lake air masses. The water in these places is always warmer than in the open lake, which creates favorable conditions for the habitat of various types of fish - perch, pike, pike-perch, bream and grayling. Lake softens the weather in autumn and spring, so the fall in these places normally long and soft.

The locals are very different from mainland people by being extremely hospitable and friendly. They easily find seclusion in deep beautiful forests while picking berries, or just by enjoying nice views of the lake by fishing or paddling.

We suggest you to make up your personal program of visit according to your wishes.

Welcome to Karelia and Kizhi area and you will love these places, like we do!

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