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Here are few tips of activities that will make your vocation full of amazing impressions: 

Kizhi island excursion

An open air museum Kizhi is located in 7 kilometers from the cottage Äänisjärvi. We can take you to an island and back by boat, which will take about 20-25 minutes each way. You will see the unique monuments of wooden architecture, products of local handicrafts, and different performances of folk collectives. This place will plunge you into the atmosphere of Zaonezhye's old times. From here you will find a detailed description of the optional tours. 


Fishing in Kizhi area

You will get an unforgetable fishing experience nearby Kizhi archipelago.The Onega lake is a large variety of fish, such as perch, roach, pike, bream, burbot, pike and, of course, Onega's salmon. We will show you the best spots for good catching and, if needed, arvice begginers how to use fishing gear. 
We have all the necessary equipment for fishing. Fishing in Kizhi is an amazing adventure! 

Sailing One-day-trip.

Is there a better feeling than a calming waves on the lake, sun on your face and pure nature around? There is a wonderful possability to have a day trip outside on the boat with an experienced skipper. We will sail through Kizhi Skerries and will head to Oneda lake. Become a member of a yacht sailing crew, learn how to, get yacht management skills and learn to operate with sail of sailing boat "Nasto".







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